2D Simulation of Micro-Jet Excitation by Heat Source





micro-jet, excitation, discharge, instability, modelling


Excitation of a laminar gas micro-jet by acoustic impact and by pulse-periodic heat source was simulated using the FlowVision software package in 2D formulation at normal conditions. Heat source imitates an electrical discharge. Air jet was formed by channel with inner size of 0.7 mm with the Poiseuille velocity profile at inlet boundary, the maximum profile velocity was varied in a range of 2.5–10 m/s. Influence of heat source frequency and power on the large-scale vortex formation was described. In the case of a jet with a speed of 5 m/s, the natural oscillations of the jet in response to a single pulse had a frequency fres = 1380 Hz, so excitation of the jet was possible at close frequencies of 1190 Hz and 1500 Hz. At the same time, at a frequency of 1000 Hz (approximately equal to 2/3 fres), every second impulse acted in antiphase and the oscillations developed poorly. Dependence of flow structure from the jet velocity was obtained. The results obtained show the possibility of exciting a micro-jet using low-power electrical discharges such as spark, DBD or corona.


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