Direct Numerical Simulation of Stratified Turbulent Flows and Passive Tracer Transport on HPC Systems: Comparison of CPU Architectures


  • Evgeny V. Mortikov Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Andrey V. Debolskiy Lomonosov Moscow State University Research Computing Center



turbulence, direct numerical simulation, ARM, supercomputing


In this paper we assess the influence of CPU architectures commonly used in HPC systems on the efficiency of the implementation of algorithms used for direct numerical simulation (DNS) of turbulent flows. We consider a stably stratified turbulent plane Couette flow as a benchmark problem supplemented with the additional transport of passive substances. The comparison includes the Intel Xeon, AMD Rome x86 CPU architecture processors and the Huawei Kunpeng ARM CPU processor. We discuss the role of memory-oriented optimizations on the efficiency of tracer transport implementation on each platform.


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Mortikov, E. V., & Debolskiy, A. V. (2022). Direct Numerical Simulation of Stratified Turbulent Flows and Passive Tracer Transport on HPC Systems: Comparison of CPU Architectures. Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations, 8(4), 50–68.