Vol 7, No 2 (2020)

DOI: 10.14529/jsfi2002

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Performance Reduction For Automatic Development of Parallel Applications For Reconfigurable Computer Systems PDF
Alexey I. Dordopulo, Ilya I. Levin 4-23
Long Distance Geographically Distributed InfiniBand Based Computing PDF
Karol Niedzielewski, Marcin Semeniuk, Jarosław Skomiał, Jerzy Proficz, Piotr Sumioka, Bartosz Pliszka, Marek Michalewicz 24-34
Potential of I/O Aware Workflows in Climate and Weather PDF
Julian M. Kunkel, Luciana R. Pedro 35-53
Bridging the Architecture Gap: Abstracting Performance-Relevant Properties of Modern Server Processors PDF
Johannes Hofmann, Christie L. Alappat, Georg Hager, Dietmar Fey, Gerhard Wellein 54-78
Dawn: a High-level Domain-Specific Language Compiler Toolchain for Weather and Climate Applications PDF
Carlos Osuna, Tobias Wicky, Fabian Thuering, Torsten Hoefler, Oliver Fuhrer 79-97

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