Vol 4, No 2 (2017)

DOI: 10.14529/jsfi1702

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Using High Performance Computing to Create and Freely Distribute the South Asian Genomic Database, Necessary for Precision Medicine in this Population PDF
Asmi H. Shah, Jonathan D. Picker, Saumya S. Jamuar 4-12
An Application of GPU Acceleration in CFD Simulation for Insect Flight PDF
Yang Yao, Khoon-Seng Yeo 13-26
Simultac Fonton: A Fine-Grain Architecture for Extreme Performance beyond Moore's Law PDF
Maciej Brodowicz, Thomas Sterling 27-37
The Simultaneous Transmit And Receive (STAR) Message Protocol PDF
Earle Jennings 38-53
Core Module Optimizing PDE Sparse Matrix Models With HPCG Example PDF
Earle Jennings 54-70
Beating Floating Point at its Own Game: Posit Arithmetic PDF
John L. Gustafson, Isaac T. Yonemoto 71-86
InfiniCortex - From Proof-of-concept to Production PDF
Gabriel Noaje, Alan Davis, Jonathan Low, Seng Lim, Geok Lian Tan, Łukasz Orłowski, Dominic Chien, Sing-Wu Liou, Tin Wee Tan, Yves Poppe, Kenneth Ban Hon Kim, Andrew Howard, David Southwell, Jason Gunthorpe, Marek Michalewicz 87-102

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