Published: 2016-08-09

Supercomputer technologies in tomographic imaging applications

Alexander V. Goncharsky, Sergey Y. Romanov, Sergey Y. Seryozhnikov


Currently, tomographic imaging is widely used in medical and industrial non-destructive testing applications. X-ray tomography is the prevalent imaging technology. Modern medical X-ray CT scanners provide up to 1 mm spatial resolution. The disadvantage of X-ray tomography is that it cannot be used for regular medical examinations. Early breast cancer diagnosis is one of the most pressing issues in modern healthcare. Ultrasound tomography devices are being developed in USA, Germany and Russia to address this problem. One of the main challenges in ultrasound tomographic imaging is the development of efficient algorithms for solving inverse problems of wave tomography, which are nonlinear three-dimensional coefficient inverse problems for a hyperbolic differential equation. Solving such computationally-expensive problems requires the use of supercomputers.

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