Parallel software platform INMOST: a framework for numerical modeling

Alexander A. Danilov, Kirill M. Terekhov, Igor N. Konshin, Yuri V. Vassilevski


The INMOST mathematical modeling toolkit helps a user to formulate and solve a problem of partial differential equations on general meshes in parallel. The current work covers: data structure description for efficient distributed unstructured mesh representation, interrelation of mesh elements with maximal flexibility of supported types of the mesh, treatment of ghost cells and distribution of mesh data for parallel execution, flexible templates for the implementation of numerical schemes, convenient framework for parallel linear systems assembly and solution. We also present aspects of the implementation and a simple example of application of INMOST to the solution of anisotropic diffusion problem. On this example we demonstrate the application of INMOST for all the stages of numerical modeling: construction of the distributed mesh, assignment of the problem data to the elements, problem discretization on local domain, solution of linear system in parallel. INMOST is a newly developed, flexible and efficient numerical analysis framework that provides scientists the infrastructure for designing highly scalable high performance applications for mathematical modeling.

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