Published: 2015-11-12

InfiniCloud: Leveraging the Global InfiniCortex Fabric and OpenStack Cloud for Borderless High Performance Computing of Genomic Data

Kenneth Hon Kim Ban, Jakub Chrzeszczyk, Andrew Howard, Dongyang Li, Tin Wee Tan


At the Supercomputing Frontiers Conference in Singapore in 2015, A*CRC (Singapore) and NCI (Canberra, Australia) presented InfiniCloud, a geographically distributed, high performance InfiniBand HPC Cloud which aims to enable borderless processing of genomic data as part of the InfiniCortex project. This paper provides a high-level technical overview of the architecture of InfiniCloud and how it can be used for high performance computation of genomic data in geographically distant sites by encapsulation of workflows/applications in Virtual Machines (VM) coupled with on-the-fly configuration of clusters and high speed transfer of data via long range InfiniBand. 

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Ganglia monitoring system.

IPython interactive computing.

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