MHD-PIC Supercomputer Simulation of Plasma Injection into Open Magnetic Trap




particle-in-cell method, hybrid simulations, axisymmentric magnetic trap, diamagnetic "bubble"


This paper presents a two-dimensional hybrid Magneto-Hydro-Dynamical-Particle-in-Cell numerical model to study the interaction of a beam of plasma, injected into an axisymmetric magnetic trap, with the background trap plasma. We apply a kinetic description for the positively charged ions, treat electrons as a massless charge neutralizing fluid and assume that the direct coupling between ions and electrons is due to the anomalous scattering on the fluctuations of electromagnetic fields only. The model adequately describes nonlinear nonstationary evolution of the plasma and of the magnetic field and allows to follow this evolution for large simulation times in a wide range of the initial magnetic field and plasma parameters. We show in particular, that the continuous injection of plasma beam leads to the displacement of the magnetic field and to the formation and growth of extended region with low amplitude of the field. The numerical results demonstrate the accumulation and capture of the plasma in the magnetic cavity region.


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Liseykina, T. V., Dudnikova, G. I. ., Vshivkov, V. A., Boronina, M. A. ., Chernykh, I. G., Chernoshtanov, I. S. ., & Vshivkov, K. V. (2024). MHD-PIC Supercomputer Simulation of Plasma Injection into Open Magnetic Trap. Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations, 10(3), 11–17.

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