Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Free-Flow Stationary Disturbances Caused by Two-Dimensional Roughness in a Turbulent Boundary Layer




supersonic flow, turbulent boundary layer, two-dimension roughness, N-wave


Stationary disturbances in a free supersonic flow caused by two-dimensional roughness in a turbulent boundary layer on a wall were investigated using numerical simulation in the FlowVision software package. Calculations were performed for cases where the roughness heights were significantly smaller than the thickness of the boundary layer. In order to reduce the numerical oscillations, the computational grid has been adapted to the perturbation fronts by means. It was found that a disturbance in the form of a small amplitude N-wave is formed in the flow above the boundary layer. The effect of roughness height on disturbances formed in a free flow was studied. It was found that as the roughness height increases, there is an observed increase in the amplitude and spatial scale of the disturbance. It was also found that the gradient of the flow parameters between the disturbance fronts remains practically unchanged for all roughness heights considered. The numerical results were verified with experimental data. A strong agreement was achieved between the simulation and experimental result.


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Yatskikh, A. A., Afanasev, L. V., Kosinov, A. D., & Semionov, N. V. (2024). Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Free-Flow Stationary Disturbances Caused by Two-Dimensional Roughness in a Turbulent Boundary Layer. Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations, 10(4), 4–11.