4D Technology of Variational Data Assimilation for Sea Dynamics Problems





sea dynamics modeling, variational data assimilation, observations, sea surface temperature


The technology aimed at high-performance computing is presented for modeling the sea dynamics problems based on 4D variational data assimilation technique developed at the Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences (INM RAS). The technology is based on the multicomponent splitting method for the mathematical model of sea dynamics and the minimization of cost functionals related to the observation data by solving an optimality system that involves the adjoint equations with observation data and observation error covariances. Efficient algorithms for solving the variational data assimilation problems are presented based on modern iterative processes with a special choice of iterative parameters. The technology is illustrated for the Baltic Sea dynamics model with variational data assimilation to restore the initial states and the heat fluxes on the sea surface.


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