Supercomputer Modeling of Parachute Flight Dynamics


  • Alexey V. Setukha Lomonosow Moscow State Univercity
  • Vladimir A. Aparinov Parachute Building Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Andrey A. Aparinov Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, Zhukovsky, Russian Federation



In this article the authors present parallel implementation of numerical method for computer modeling of dynamics of a parachute with filled canopy. To solve the 3D problem of parachute free motion numerically, authors formulate tied problem of dynamics and aerodynamics where aerodynamic characteristics are found with discrete vortices method on each step of integration in time, and to find motion law the corresponding motion equations have to be solved. The solution of such problems requires high computational resources because it is important to model parachute motion during a long physical time period. Herewith the behavior of vortex wake behind the parachute is important and has to be modeled. In the approach applied by the authors the wake is modeled as a set of flexible vortex elements. So to increase computational efficiency, the authors used methods of low-rank matrix approximations, as well as parallel implementations of algorithms. Short description of numerical method is presented, as well as the examples of numerical modeling.


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Setukha, A. V., Aparinov, V. A., & Aparinov, A. A. (2018). Supercomputer Modeling of Parachute Flight Dynamics. Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations, 5(3), 121–125.