Exascale Storage Systems -- An Analytical Study of Expenses


  • Julian Martin Kunkel Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ), Hamburg
  • Michael Kuhn University of Hamburg, Hamburg
  • Thomas Ludwig Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ), Hamburg




The computational power and storage capability of supercomputers are growing at a different pace, with storage lagging behind; the widening gap necessitates new approaches to keep the investment and running costs for storage systems at bay. In this paper, we aim to unify previous models and compare different approaches for solving these problems.
By extrapolating the characteristics of the German Climate Computing Center's previous supercomputers to the future, cost factors are identified and quantified in order to foster adequate research and development.
Using models to estimate the execution costs of two prototypical use cases, we are discussing the potential of three concepts: re-computation, data deduplication and data compression.


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