Parallel algorithm for 3D modeling of monochromatic acoustic field by the method of integral equations


  • Mikhail S. Malovichko Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow
  • Nikolay E. Khokhlov Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow
  • Nikolay B. Yavich Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow
  • Michael S. Zhdanov The University of Utah, Salt Lake City



We present a parallel algorithm for solution of the three-dimensional Helmholtz equation in the frequency domain by the method of volume integral equations.
The algorithm is applied to seismic forward modeling.
The method of integral equations reduces the size of the problem by dividing the geologic model into the anomalous and background parts, but leads to a dense system matrix.
A tolerable memory consumption and numerical complexity were achieved by applying an iterative solver, accompanied by an effective matrix-vector multiplication operation, based on the fast Fourier transform.
We used OpenMP to speed up the matrix-vector multiplication, while MPI was used to speed up the equation system solver, and also for parallelizing across multiple sources.
Practical examples and efficiency tests are presented.


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Malovichko, M. S., Khokhlov, N. E., Yavich, N. B., & Zhdanov, M. S. (2016). Parallel algorithm for 3D modeling of monochromatic acoustic field by the method of integral equations. Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations, 3(4), 74–78.