Published: 2015-03-27

Co-design of Parallel Numerical Methods for Plasma Physics and Astrophysics

Boris M. Glinskiy, Igor M. Kulikov, Alexey V. Snytnikov, Alexey A. Romanenko, Igor G. Chernykh, Vitaly A. Vshivkov


Physically meaningful simulations in plasma physics and astrophysics need powerful hybrid supercomputers equipped with computation accelerators. The development of parallel numerical codes for such supercomputers is a complex scientific problem. In order to solve it the concept of co-design is employed. The co-design is defined as considering the architecture of the supercomputer at all stages of the development of the code. The use of co-design is shown by the example of two physical problems: the interaction of an electron beam with plasma and the collision of galaxies. The resulting speedup and efficiency are shown.

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