LAMMPS Code Simulation of the Defect Formation Induced by Ion Incidence in Carbon Nanotubes

Andrey A. Shemukhin, Anton V. Nazarov, Anton V. Stepanov


A molecular dynamic calculation of the multi-walled carbon nanotube thermal sputtering induced by ion irradiation is carried out. Sputtering results comparable to experimental data are obtained. There are two models of ion and thermal sputtering discussed in the paper. The simulation tested the model of thermal amorphization and revealed that the disordering of multi-walled carbon nanotubes structure occurs as a result of their heating under ion irradiation. Classical molecular dynamic simulation was performed using LAMMPS code. Simulation cell with 14 layers multi-walled carbon nanotube 12×12×30 nm size contains 285600 atoms. Multi-walled carbon nanotube was irradiated by 80 keV energy Ar+ ions in cumulative mode. Simulation was performed on the Lomonosov-1 supercomputer. About 24600 nodes-hours were spent on one simulation as a whole. The balancing of MPI ows for a spatial grid of counting nodes occurred according to the scheme 8×8×128 MPI-stream. LAMMPS code was built with Intel 12.0 compiler. This configuration allowed to speed up the calculation in comparison with the calculation on a single-processor Xeon CPU X5570 2.93 GHz machine by 60 times.

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