Published: 2018-11-20

Analysis of the Effect of Dispersion Forces on the Dielectric Film Properties Using Parallel Computing

Kirill A. Emelyanenko, Ludmila B. Boinovich, Alexandre M. Emelyanenko


The paper presents the analysis of dispersion forces effect on local properties in thin free films. Using a Coupled Fluctuated Dipole Method with developed methods for numerical calculations of dielectric properties, the films with different lateral sizes and thicknesses were studied. In particular, the molecular polarizabilities at different distance from the film interface were analyzed. It was shown that dispersion interaction between the molecules, even for the case of nonpolar liquid with weak intermolecular interactions, causes a notable variation in dielectric properties of thin film, which is associated with the boundary layer formation. This variation, in turn, causes a strong dependence of polarizability accuracy on the cut-off radius. It is demonstrated that parallel computing algorithms can be effectively applied for obtaining the reliable data on properties of liquids in wetting films and boundary layers even under resource-imposed constraint on the size of ensemble of molecules to be handled in the numerical studies.

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