High Performance Computing of Magnetized Galactic Disks

Sergey A. Khoperskov, Yulia A. Venichenko, Sergey S. Khrapov, Eugene O. Vasiliev


A parallel implementation of the magneto-hydrodynamical code for global modeling of the galactic evolution is reported. The code is parallelized by using MPI interface, and it shows ideal scaling up to 200–300 cores on Lomonosov supercomputer with fast interconnect. In the benchmarking of this code, we study the dynamics of a magnetized gaseous disk of a galaxy with a bar. We run a high-resolution 3D magnetohydrodynamic simulation taking into account the Milky Way-like gravitational potential, gas self-gravity and a network of cooling and heating processes in the interstellar medium. By using this simulation the evolution of morphology and enhancement of the magnetic field are explored. In agreement to hydrodynamical models, when the bar is strong enough, the gas develops sharp shocks at the leading side of the bar. In such a picture we found that when typically the magnetic field strength traces the location of the largescale shocks along the bar major axis, the magnetic field pressure weakens the shocks and reduces the inflow of gas towards the galactic center.

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