Cloud Service for Solution of Promising Problems of Nanotechnology

Marina A. Kornilina, Viktoriia O. Podryga, Sergey V. Polyakov, Dmitry V. Puzyrkov, Mikhail V. Yakoboskiy


The paper presents the problem of creating a cloud service designed to solve promising nanotechnology problems on supercomputer systems. The motivation for creating such a service was the need to integrate ideas, knowledge and computing technologies related to this applied problem, as well as the need to involve specialists in solving problems of this class. The intermediate result of the work is a prototype of the cloud environment, implemented as a KIAM Multilogin service and an application software accessible from users virtual machines. The first applications of the service were the software packages GIMM_NANO and Flow_and_Particles, designed to solve the actual problems of nanoelectronics, laser nanotechnology, multiscale problems of applied gas dynamics. The implementation of the service took into account such aspects as support for parallel computations on the park of remote supercomputers, improving the efficiency of parallelization, very large data sets processing, visualization of supercomputer modeling results. With the help of the implemented service, it was possible to optimize the process of solving the applied problems associated with calculating the parameters of gas-dynamic flows in the microchannels of industrial spraying systems. In particular, it was possible to carry out the series of studies devoted to the analysis of gas-dynamic processes at the gas-metal boundary. In these studies it was shown that in the presence of microcapillaries in a technical system, it is necessary to use direct modeling of gas dynamic processes on the basis of the first principles in the Knudsen layers, for example, using molecular dynamics methods.

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